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chan??ges with them." A staff officer of the PLA Ground Force who asked to be identified as Duan?? said the Suvorov Attack rU

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equires teams to drive an infantry fighting vehicle 12 times arou??nd a 4.3-kilometer circular track that has 120 obstacles.u

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They also need to shoot the gun m??ounted on the vehicle and hit eight targets. The contest tests the preparedness, spirit 4

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an??d skills of contestants as well as the capabilities of their equipment, he said. The Inter??national Army Games were co-6

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organized by China, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ar??menia and Iran this year. China has taken part in the gamesY

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for five years, and hosted some?? of the contests last year. By ZHANG YANGFEI/ZHAO LEIBeijing will take further action to sb

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afeguard nation??al sovereignty and territorial integrity if Taiwan ??separatists continue to carry out secession activit??i6

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es, a senior mainland official warned on Wednesday?? in Beijing following recent military drills in the?? Taiwan Straits. Ma8

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Xiaoguang, spokesman for the S??tate Council Taiwan Affairs Office, spoke in respon??se to a question during a news conferex

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nce about whe??ther "military force for reunification" should be e??mployed. "The recent live-fire drills carried out ??by te

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he People's Liberation Army have sent an explic??it and clear message??we aim to pursue peaceful reu??nification with sincerj

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ity and great efforts, but we?? have the resolve, the confidence and the ability t??o defeat secessionist attempts in any fo7

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rm, to safe??guard national sovereignty and territorial integrit??y," Ma said. Last week, the PLA Ground Force and A??ir ForQ

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ce conducted live-fire exercises and several ??training operations in the Taiwan Straits. Ma said?? the drills targeted a "Ta

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Hello! Welcome to Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus is a premium mobile responsive HTML5 template designed and developed by Jenn Pereira for It is a modern design, clean and easy to customize. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
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  • Welcome to Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus is a premium mobile responsive HTML5 template designed and developed by Jenn Pereira. It is a modern design, clean and easy to customize.
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  • We believe in working in partnership with our clients. We have forged strong and lasting relationships to deliver exceptional results.
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